Chronicles, photos and observations of a single man exploring the world at human speed.
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About Me

I'm a computer programmer from Montreal (Quebec, Canada) who enjoys taking pictures and travelling all around the world.

I decided in Fall 2011 that I would do all I can to switch my life to adopt the full-time travelling lifestyle.

Why not leave right upon my decision?

Because changing one's life that radically requires lots of preparation. I had lots of belongings and debts to get rid of, savings to pile up and lots of planning to do.

What triggered that change?

In the last 10 years so I, I wanted to spend my time travelling and visiting the world. But I couldn't see how to finance that, other than winning the lotto. In August 2011, another Montrealer came home after walking his way around the world. It made me realise that this was possible using an affordable budget, which I could easily earn online while travelling. So, I began reading about the subject of long-term travelling, income sources, etc. Being an Internet programmer, I can already earn my living from anywhere in the world, for anyone in the world, giving me full mobility of a location-independant work.

I'll enrich this section later, but you can also learn more about my inspiration/motivation on my Web site. On the other hand, I invite you read my posts on my blog for more detailed and practical information.

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