Chronicles, photos and observations of a single man exploring the world at human speed.
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About the cause

Most people travelling on a full-time basis simply jump from one festival to another or from one country to another... just following either invitations (partnerships/sponsorships) they receive or making a random selection from their bucket list.

I've never been the party type and I'm not especially fond of crowds. Although I did attend some events in the past, I knew that wouldn't attract me and keep me moving on the long run. Besides, my idea is to tour the whole world, not jump from one continent to the other every month or so.

I decided to travel the world mostly on foot, and I needed to set myself a goal to keep me moving, especially on the hard days.

Although I love grand ideas like world peace, fight hunger, improve the environment and so on, I don't think a single man walking could have an impact on these, nor would it motivate me enough to keep on going, for lack of measurable progress.

I decided I would pick the theme of "Raise awareness about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites", by visiting as many sites as I can, talk about them, document them, picture them, etc. I've already visited a few dozens of those sites, since that was already something that interested me during my previous trips.

In the two other pages on this section of the Web site, you'll be able to discover a bit more about the UNESCO organization and about the World Heritage Sites list.

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