Chronicles, photos and observations of a single man exploring the world at human speed.
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How can I help?
Look in the Support me page for ways to help me, including hosting me for a night or just for a special dish of your region.

How will I finance this trip?
I have enough savings to last me 2 to 3 years to start with, but I will begin earning money online from selling pictures and books right from the start. I could also do some Web programming contracts now and then.


What does "Hobo" means exactly?
Wikipedia defines "hobo" as "a migratory worker or homeless vagabond, especially one who is penniless". Meaning it's someone who's working to earn his living while traveling from place to place. And that's why it's an appropriate term to define what I'm doing since June 2013.


Where are you going?
In the global overview, I will first visit North-America, then Central and South Americas before crossing over to Europe, then go to Africa, Asia and Australia before returning to North-America.

In terms of locations, I'll visit as many sites as possible. Since I'll depend on local transportation, there will be sites I won't be able to reach. I'll also explore most major cities, including all national capitals of the countries I'll visit. For the past and next stops along my route, check out the World section off my main Web site.

Why not take planes?
Although I took many planes in my previous travels and I loved it, I chose to stay on the ground for 3 main reasons. First, because it's too easy now to zig zag all over the globe. One can easily do a trip around the world during a weekend now. Second, flying is probably the most polluting transport there is... and I want to promote and protect the World Heritage sites, not contribute to their destruction. Finally, I want to engulf in the life of the countries I'll visit. Most local population can't afford to take planes. By moving slowly, you're not transplanted into a new environment suddenly and keep in touch with the local culture.

Why seek for hosts?
Before saving costs on housing, the main reason to seek hosts is to get in touch with the local population and understand their reality and daily life.

Why visit UNESCO World Heritage sites?
What interest me most in the world are marvels of nature and human creation. That's exactly what the World Heritage is all about. It's also about preservation and promotion of those sites. I want to visit not only the sites, but the cities and rural areas in each country I'll pass through.


Why do I make my blogs in English only?
Although French is my native language and I have good basic Spanish skills, I chose to publish my blogs only in English. The main reason being the time required to write and translate texts. If I could have the time to do it now, it would be another reality while on the road. So, I chose to publish in English to reach the largest audience.

Why maintain different topical blogs instead of one?
To better compartiment the posts and allow readers to concentrate on one specific topic they might be more interested in.

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